Got $1,350? Spend a Night in a Space Observatory. Here’s What It’s Like.

November 28, 2023

An Arizona observatory takes stargazing to the next level by welcoming overnight visitors—dinner, lodging and personal astronomer included. (Just don’t say ‘twinkle.’)

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‘It’s Pretty Horrific but Fascinating Nonetheless.’ Inside the New Wave of Atomic Tourism.

June 3, 2023

As two major movies about the atomic era hit screens, Americans curious about a controversial time are flocking to 1950s nuclear test sites, paying $425 to sleep in decommissioned missile silos and ordering ‘B-Reactor Brownies’

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Stargazing at a "bed-and-telescope" in New Mexico

December 21, 2010

My daughter and I flew to New Mexico to watch the night sky. It didn't disappoint.

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Green Fields of Verdun, France, Offer A Look at Destruction in Another War

October 18, 2001

"There's nothing like Verdun.This is a place where the world changed" in World War l.

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Frozen Frontier: Slowly, the Antarctic Gives Up Some Clues To Earth's Mysteries

December 24, 1991

Checking out the science being done in Antarctica, including the South Pole.

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